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Is it Time to Rethink Bidding on Trademarks?

You can now bid on competitor’s trademarks on Yahoo and Bing; meaning you can get an instant boost in traffic and conversions. But, this doesn’t mean you should. One PPC marketer recently lost in court to the tune of $292K plus legal fees for doing this. Protect yourself from lawsuits.

adCenter Quality Score Coming Soon

Similarly to Google AdWords, each keyword will have a quality score on a 1-10 scale with sub-scores for keyword relevance, landing page relevance, and landing page user experience to aid in optimizing performance.

Top Slots on AdWords: Even Longer Headlines

Remember how Google now moves the Description Line 1 of your ad to the headline if it appears in the top 3 results and ends in punctuation? Now, all description lines that Google is confident are complete phrases will be moved to the headline when appearing in the top 3 spots. Improve your CTR and ROI.

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