5 Ways Twitter Can Be Leveraged for B2B Search Engine Marketing

While there are plenty of resources online for leveraging Twitter, many focus somewhere between individual and consumer-oriented material.

B2B marketers have a different perspective. It’s difficult to relate to those types of Twitter resources when faced with more complex buying cycles and the demand for marketing initiatives emphasizing lead generation as the top priority.

We’ve seen skepticism in our clients’ eyes when it comes to Twitter. This can be overcome by demonstrating how Twitter can assist B2B organizations with their priority initiatives.

Instead of focusing on using Twitter only as a promotional mouthpiece, consider how this communication tool provides support for one of the primary sources of high quality leads for the B2B organization: organic search engine traffic.

Here are five ways we’ve seen and assisted B2B organizations in leveraging Twitter as a tool for the search engine marketing (SEM) initiatives.

The Foundation: Twitter Lists

Twitter lists should be one of the B2B search marketer’s most valuable tools. There are many ways we can aid a search engine optimization effort through the careful organization of Twitter lists.

Establish public and private lists to categorize your network by primary (and secondary) objectives. Private lists are great for grouping Twitter profiles in a manner you don’t want publicly accessible, such as a client list or prospecting list.

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