Do You Know What Clicks With Your Customers?

To grab and hold readers’ attention and move them to action, e-mail newsletter content needs to be relevant and engaging. So how do you know if your e-mail content is succeeding at what you want it to do (take your customer relationships to the next level of engagement)?

The good news is that to answer this question, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company with a staff of marketing analysts. In fact, the answers are right there in the tracking and reporting data you get from your e-mail service provider. Your campaign results shed light on where you’re engaging customers and where you could make improvements. They also reveal trends that could point to potential audience segmentation and business development activities.

Clicks Are Where the Action Is
When someone clicks on a link in your newsletter, what does that tell you? It says that the person wants more information from you or to take action–whether it’s reading more of your content, buying a product, booking your services, registering for an event or donating to your cause. How can you use your tracking reports to learn what clicks with your customers?

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