Facebook Fan Pages – 5 Essentials for a Fan Page

Increasingly, companies, TV shows, including Internet sites use Facebook pages to air their products or services, as well as gain more users and interact with them more directly.

Facebook Fan Page 5 Essentials:

1. Create custom tabs Custom Ads.

Tips on Facebook pages.

Promote your trade name page is very important. One of the major features of the new pages of Facebook is that you can link directly to specific tabs. That means you have the possibility of setting up what pages users access based on default Ad in which they have clicked. For example, perhaps you would like to point to two groups of users in different geographic locations. Could you show an advertisement to citizenries in Buenos Aires and those users will land on the user’s specific page of Buenos Aires. A Different page will show for those who come from elsewhere.

While this system is not necessarily the most scalable (for example, have 50 flaps does not make sense), can positively determine the conversion of some visitants into fans. This method also commands dropping a little more customization, but I think it is necessary for brands and small companies.
2. Do not let the users fall in the Wall.

Facebook pages.

Why is that? Well, I think the most likely to encounter things that interest you. It is a good opportunity to present good info to these new users, although the information provided by the existing fans can be interesting, you have no control over it. So it is better than new visitants from entering an area moderated info and then proceed to pilot the rest of the most dysfunctional.

Yes, the wall may be very valuable to allow users to intercommunicate with you, your brand, but unfiltered waters are the last place you should let the new user to navigate. Give them a safe entering into the murky waters we call “social media” and will thank you.


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