Facebook Sponsored Stories: Turning Your Life into Ads

Facebook thinks that when you like something, check-in, or post something to a page that you really, really want people to see it. Like in neon lights, see it. They were so afraid your friends might have missed it that they created “Sponsored Stories.”

OK, so obviously I say that tongue-in-cheek because Facebook really doesn’t care if your friends saw that you went to Starbucks or that you love spray cheese. But Facebook cares that they have all your data and they can turn it into money.

And so comes “Sponsored Stories.” Or, as the rest of the world likes to call them: Sponsored Ads.

New Facebook Ads — Oops, I Mean “Sponsored Stories”

“Sponsored Stories” aren’t new. These Facebook advertisements are pretty similar in definition to an older form of advertising known as “advertorials” — a mix of editorial and advertisement.

While, your like, page post, or check-in isn’t technically an editorial, it has a similar function to one. It’s based on your opinion of the brand.

Sadly we have no way to express our dislike of it. Hmmm is that why there is no dislike button? (Total random conjecture, folks!)

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