Get Customers Hooked to Your Website

Creating a website that becomes daily destination for users is a tough task but not an impossible one. This has many benefits irrespective of whether it’s a large or small business website. Here are some simple strategies to help you achieve this goal.

Start a business blog

A business blog is the most effective way of keeping users hooked to your site but efficiently maintaining a business blog takes a lot of time and effort. You need to ensure that each blog post is fresh, entertaining, memorable and such that it provides real value to your users. Contests, discounts, special offer announcements and the like keep users interested. Conversational tone works best in blogs and tips, ‘how to’ articles, guides and interviews with well-known personalities are found interesting by most audiences.

Creating a sense of community around your website

You not only need to start discussions or debates but also need to actively take part in them. You need to make customers feel that their voice is heard by promptly responding to their concerns. Initiatives that enable community members to contribute and share ideas are useful. Recognizing and rewarding dedicated contributors is also essential.

Ensure that content is easily sharable

Social media marketing has become a part of our lives and ensuring that all the content like reports, videos, surveys, contests etc on your business website is easily sharable through social media channels will increase your reach manifolds.

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[20:49:21] Paul Benoit: Hi Peter,
[20:51:59] Paul Benoit: We have launched the new campaign for Kinected and have found a problem. It appears we need to write separate ads for sports therapy and physical therapy.

Unfortunately we only budgeted time to write one set of ads targeting both. Since our CTR on this campaign is so low, I’ve discussed with Paul and we feel the best way forward is to write separate ads for sports therapy and physical therapy in order to get the campaign performing better.

Should we ask the client for more budget? Or should I just make the ads and try to improve performance. I expect rewriting the ads to take X amount of time.


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