Grammar matters in advertising as Tide will learn

In Tide’s latest commercial they make the claim that Tide has “this much cleaning ingredients”. As the subject cleaning ingredients is plural, the correct sentence is “this many cleaning ingredients”.

Mistakes in your advertising negatively impact the quality of your brand. While this has always been true, you’d have to wait until a customer mailed you a letter to know (as it had already slipped through your quality control if it has been published). Today customers provide immediate feedback via social media so there is no excuse to allow a mistake to go unnoticed.

Every company can monitor social media in order to assess their social reputation. Not only will you have one-to-one communication with your customers, your customers provide feedback that will allow you to respond to and correct any brand damaging campaigns.

Tide does not appear to be monitoring social media but using it as a one way advertising channel. In fact, if you look at their Twitter account, you will see that they don’t monitor social media, they just use Facebook and that activity gets carbon copied to Twitter. If they had been monitoring they would have seen Twitter users @mckenzieeskdale and @zb140 both have expressed their lower opinion of Tide due to this marketing mistake. @zh140 tweeted the error in December 2009. I saw the commercial again today (June 6, 2010).

Social media and social marketing are most effective when used as a one-to-one communication channel. Your customers have an opinion and if you are listening across all channels instead of just one, your brand will benefit.

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