How to Find and Get Useful Information from Alexa

Whether or not you heard of the Alexa Traffic Rank, you should know it is a very powerful tool used in order to rank website traffic. In other words, it shows how popular a website is. The Alexa Rank positions each site on a unique rank via the Internet, placing the most popular website on the 1st position, the 2nd most popular on the 2nd position and so. So the lower your Alexa Rank is, the more traffic your site has. It is free, powerful and really easy to use. So there’s really no reason you should not benefit from it.

Here are the top 3 sites on the Internet at this moment:

#1 Google

#2 Facebook

#3 YouTube

What is your Alexa Rank? What is the Alexa Rank for your competitors? Who gets more traffic?

There are several easy alternatives to find out the Alexa Rank for a site and answer the questions above:

1. Enter the url on the Alexa Site. It can be helpful to use in case you want to compare several sites (up to 5). Let’s say you want to check the Alexa rank for

how to use Alexa
After you enter the site you want to check, the tool will return the Alexa Rank:

Alexa Traffic RankThe Alexa Traffic Rank for Facebook is 2. If you press “Get Details” you will be able to see even more information on Traffic Stats, Search Analytics, Audience and more:

using Alexa statistics

2. Install Alexa Sparky, an add-on for Firefox. This extension accompanies you as you browse, providing you with Alexa data about the sites you visit without interrupting your browsing.

Alexa Sparky Firefox Add-OnAfter installing Alexa Sparky, your browser will show up the Alexa icon in the left down corner. Sparky’s rank feature gives you a quick overview on how popular a site is. The more popular the site is, the bluer the bar will be. The number represents the actual Alexa rank.

Alexa Sparky barWhen you click on the icon, a menu will open. You can immediately access additional information. You can do a search for that site, find sites linking to it, see where is located and much more.

Alexa Sparky MenuThere are other ways of finding out what Alexa Rank a site has, but these two are in hand for anybody. Use the one that suits you best and find out how popular other sites are compared to yours. Stay informed on your site’s traffic data and maybe more importantly – on your competitors’. Good luck!

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