How to Identify and Reach Underserved Markets

Go beyond demographics by targeting specific types of people.

So, you think you have all your online marketing bases covered? Sure, you may be reaching moms over 40 with your super smoothie maker ad and men between 30 and 60 with your online golf resale marketplace offer, but reaching potential customers online should be more than simply broadcasting ads to large demographic sets. The online market is packed with various ethnicities, interests, lifestyles, religious affiliations and more. Many of these niche audiences are expanding rapidly and are made up of millions of potential customers that you might not have considered before because they were one step removed from your obvious targets.

Before we go further, let’s make it clear that this article will discuss specifically how entrepreneurs can reach niche audiences primarily through specialized ad networks. For those unfamiliar, ad networks are an aggregation of websites on which you can advertise to reach your target audience, wherever they are, with one advertising purchase. They alleviate the burden of coordinating advertising across multiple websites, and they measure your success. Ad networks can be an extremely useful tool to raise awareness online and increase brand recognition and influence among niche audiences.

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