Is Link Relevance as Effective as Anchor Text?

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot about getting away from repeatedly using the same keyword-based anchor text (which may lead to a hop into the Google penalty box) and steering toward a larger variety of keywords and brand building with company names as the anchor text instead.

So if you quit obsessing on anchor text with the keywords you want to rank for, how will you be able to rank for those terms?

Where to Find Relevant Links

Don’t focus on where you can get keyword anchor text. Instead, focus on where you can get links on pages with strong relevance to the keywords for which you want to rank, or links that use other ways to correlate to the keyword aside from anchor text.

For example, if your website’s main keyword is “web design,” you could get a variety of links on pages that are relevant to web design using your business name as anchor text on sites such as:

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