Live Search UFO SEO Tactics

Live Search shows the latest trends online. These come from Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, blog posts, news articles, Google Trends, and more. It really shows what is happening right now (I like to call it the rumour mill).

There are ways that you can take advantage of Live Search in order to boost your own search engine results.

If you are able to identify a trend early enough and “jump on the bandwagon”, your blog post could be included as part of the rumour mill and you will be higher in the search engines for that trend while it’s still hot.

You won’t get ttargeted traffic, and you won’t sell a lot of services, but you will get more links from search engines and help boost your overall SEO efforts.

This article is a prime example of how to jump on a bandwagon and try to take advantage of Live Search. The trend we’re targeting is the UFO sighting over China on the 7th and then a second on the 15th of July.

Here is the link to a full story:

By placing this link, we should get a pingback to our site from the Tucson Citizen, we’ll tweet this page in Twitter about the UFO SEO tactics, and share it on Facebook as well to help increase the chances of the Webs9 page being picked up for Live Search results.

Normally we’d do a better job “framing” the story than just saying UFO SEO Tactics but I wanted to take the opportunity to explain how the process works.

Be creative and have fun, the better you’re able to incorporate the trending topic into your posts, the better results you’ll receive.

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