Search Engine Advertising

The Internet has become the #1 research tool when your customers are looking to make a purchase decision. Advertising on search engines puts your brand in front of these customers right at the beginning of the purchase cycle.

If You’re Not There, They Will Become Someone Else’s Customer

Search engine advertising is not like other media where you pay money to make an ad, pay money to publish it, and then keep your fingers crossed that it will create customers.

sem google search reach comparison

Graph comparing the reach of advertising events

Webs9 doesn’t sell advertising, we help you sell!

This is not a boast! Since search engines sell PPC Advertising, each advertising campaign is monitored daily to ensure it is achieving the Cost Per Action necessary in order to be successful.

We first speak with you to determine the CPA that makes sense for you business. Once we establish that number, we manage the following elements to achieve the sales necessary to stay at or below that cost per acquiring a new sale:

PPC Consumer Purchase Decision

Ad Copy

By running different ads and changing the ad copy to further qualify the people who click on your ad, we are able to ensure only people genuinely interested in your services are clicking.

Since you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, this process ensures you get the most bang for your buck.

Landing Pages

A landing page is the first page an interested customer sees after clicking on your ad. This is not the first page of your site but a specially engineered page to reinforce the ad copy and convert that visitor from a tire kicker to a paying customer.

We create multiple versions of this page and test these versions to see which one has the highest success rate of turning a passive visitor into someone who takes action. This is called A / B testing.

By working the landing page in combination with the ad copy, we are able to increase the Quality Score (QS) of your campaign

Quality Score is a combination of factors including (but not limited to) the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your ad, the load time of your landing page, the bounce rate of your landing page, the relevancy of your landing page to the keywords the user searched for and more.
The higher your quality score, the lower your pay per click on your ad


This is a ratio of the number of people who visit your page versus the number of sales (or actions) you make. As part of our management, we ensure the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) never exceeds what we established at the beginning of our engagement with you. That way your advertising always works for your business and not the other way around.


The last step in our process is to manage the number of keywords, how much we pay per click per keyword, and evolve the keyword selections over time to optimize your campaign.

Other agencies may like to start with keywords but we feel to expand a successful campaign, we need good landing pages, ads, and conversions in place prior to pouring loads of your advertising dollars into thousands of keywords.


This is likely the most important aspect of your campaign! As anyone who’s tried to manage a Search Engine Campaign when time allows them to will tell you – the market can quickly change!

We monitor our client’s advertising campaigns each and every day. Some keywords are incredibly competitive and successful advertising can quickly become a waste of money. Monitoring each day allows us to react faster and take advantage of market changes.

Search Engine Advertising Lets You See To the Penny How Successful Your Advertising Is

Open Your Business To The World’s Largest Medium Today!

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