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Many companies want to optimize their site for search engines. Unless you have a large company and a team dedicated to staying on top of the most recent changes in search engine algorithms, it can be exceptionally hard to ensure your SEO plan is on target.

Webs9 us the perfect compliment for organizations who cannot afford to have a dedicated staff stay on top of search engine developments. We have a team of SEO Experts who dedicate at least 20% of their time to learning and staying on top of the trends, changes, and latest practices in Search Engine Optimization.

As part of our optimization process, we create the Webs9 Optimizer Report. This report becomes yours and is the basis of all optimization efforts going forward. We build the SEO Optimizer Report by following this process:

1. Listen to you

You are the experts in your business. By learning your business culture and existing sales channels, we understand your business and then customize the strengths of Internet Marketing to increase your sales.

2. Create a SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, [in a specified] Timeframe ) Goal for our SEO activities

We believe in setting specific targets and committing ourselves to achieving them for you. There has been general discussion in the SEO community that SEO efforts cannot be tracked because search engine algorithms and confidential and constantly change.


While it is true algorithms and practices constantly change, we will “adapt” so we can still achieve your goal.

3. Use our experience to tailor a strategy that will work for you!

We have been building and managing Internet and SEO campaigns since 1998 and we will review your site for the following factors that affect your search engine optimization campaign:

  • Current age of your site
  • Length of your domain registration
  • Current number of pages indexed by search engines
  • Current SERP * ( Search Engine Results Page ) for keywords
  • Current number of inbound links to your site and their quality
  • Page Rank *
  • and 33 other Search Engine Best Practices
Webs9 is not a black box. We provide our clients with full disclosure of all elements and activities necessary to maximize your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

4. Present the full report to you.

We will walk through all elements of the report, in as much detail as you like. It is important for us to note you know your business best. It’s only by using your expertise of your business and our SEO knowledge that we can develop a strategy that will work for you!

5. Implement all aspects of the Webs9 SEO Optimizer Report and launch your custom Search Engine Optimization campaign.

We will provide feedback and reporting during this process so you are always aware of what is happening – in case you hadn’t noticed, we really like to work with our clients through the process so we can learn from each other and get the best possible results.

6. Link Building and Content Distribution

These are separate services from the original optimization and implementation of Search Engine Optimization. To get the best results, we always recommend this be part of any SEO plan but it can be separated if you are happy with your site’s optimization or worked with someone else to do the original optimization.

In our opinion, Webs9 provides the best Link Building and Content Distribution service because we use our Eastern European contacts to engage highly skilled link builders for a lower price. This allows us to dedicate a real person to contact potential link partners in order to increase your search relevance. We feel having a specific person generate links on your behalf not only increase the reach of your brand, but also helps bring new business opportunities to your attention.

Within the first month of Webs9 Link Building, we not only grew our search relevance and traffic, we also found European Distributors and 7 other business opportunities we had no visibility to earlier! – Minus K

Content Distribution
Using your press releases and other articles, we will then distribute them to news sites, directories, social sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. The more interesting the content is, the more likely it will become Link Bait*. Link Baiting is a White Hat SEO Technique that encourages many people to link to your site – resulting in higher search relevancy.

Most SEO Companies Stop Here

Webs9 offers a low cost, high value maintenance program that monitors your site content, search engine indexed pages, SERP, keyword targeting, search engine specific Webmaster Tools, sitemaps, and will make changes as necessary to ensure we achieve your SEO Goal. As part of this service, we provide a comprehensive monthly report so you can watch your sales grow!

We think we’re so darned smart, that we prove it to every client we can, again and again!

Click Here So We Can Prove It To You!

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