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Build it and they will come

That is an unfortunate lie. With billions of websites covering subjects as diverse as LOLCats to Vibration Isolation Technology, most businesses need help to stand head and shoulders above the crowd

On major way to elevate your brand is through Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ). Search marketing consists of:

Search Engine Advertising

  • Definition: Search Engine Advertising is the activity of paying for text ads and display ads that will be published on search engine sites, affiliate search sites, and their content networks. Normally paid for on a cost per click ( CPC ) basis
sem google search reach comparison

On Page Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  • The process in which your website is analyzed for SEO best practices, keyword targeting, keyword density, HTML code compliance, and more to ensure search engines index your site for your target keywords higher than your competition

Off Page Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  • Efforts that result in more links to your site by link requests, exchanges, link baiting and more
  • Monitoring each search engine’s webmaster tools section to review the pages of your site that are indexed, keyword targeting, and other key metrics

Monthly Reporting

  • We always like to report the monthly progress of your SEM efforts, complete with what page your site comes up in the Search Engine Results Pages ( SERP )

After all, if we don’t report our progress, how else will you know how awesome we are?

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