Three Tools for Hyper-local Social Media Marketing

You can’t outspend Fortune 500 companies, but you can change the game.

With 500 million people on Facebook, 150 million on Twitter and every Fortune 500 company represented on LinkedIn, many marketers are overwhelmed and overspent trying to engage their customers and prospects. The answer is to think small, going after nano-markets using hyper-local social media marketing tools. A nano-market is smaller than a niche, and it’s a group of people with a very specific set of interests.

Previously, these people were hard to find, and communicating with them was costly. But hyper-local search and social media have made it easier to target nano-markets, and most of the tools required to be successful are free or nearly free.

You can’t outspend the big brands, and you can’t put more hours in than them, either. What you can do is play the game differently by focusing on nano-markets. There are many social media outlets that can help you do this. I’d like to discuss three of my favorites.

Twitter Search
Twitter Search is already the second most used search engine on the internet. More than 1 billion twitter updates are created and indexed monthly; this puts 150 million Twitter members at your fingertips.

Too many people miss the “Advanced” search button. And that’s too bad because one of the most important features is the location-based search option. You can drill down and search for people only in your immediate area who are tweeting about topics related to your business or industry and engage them in real-time

One great example of this is Blenz Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company found people within 10 miles of each of their locations who were tweeting about coffee, lattes, Starbucks and other coffee-related terms, and then engaged them by inviting them to its locations. George Moen, CEO of Blenz, also created a short list of influential bloggers and Twitter personalities and booked one-on-one meetings with them.

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