Tips For Submitting Article Links To Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Your Website And Blog Traffic

Another sure-fire way to propel traffic and buzz to your website and blog is through social bookmarking sites.

It will bring you big bursts of traffic, particularly when you share your best articles through these sites. When your posts get voted highly by your users and when it appears on the home page of these social bookmarking sites like, or Stumble, be prepared to get thousands of visitors to your sites.

You need to know how not to abuse using the social bookmarking sites as a promotional medium by simply submitting your article with links in your posts to this site.

Most importantly, you have to take your time to submit your article with an interesting topic together with an equally descriptive links in order for your user to click through.

Secondly, you would not expect a flood of traffic from your fans overnight. You have to build your reputation by becoming an active member of the communities on these social bookmarking sites that you use. Start to network with other users whom they are likely to share your posts and your submissions further.

When you are submitting your article or blog post to your social bookmarking site, be creative to craft a title that is likely to stand out or unique. Your title need not have to match your original article or blog post for your submission, but make sure the new title you created accurately reflects the content that is relevant. This would arouse your reader’s curiosity and tease them into wanting to click through to read your complete post or article which they might find it valuable and worthy.

Think of the relevant keywords that users are likely to use searching for the content that you are submitting. Without optimizing with rich keywords people would not be able to find your content through their search.

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