Understanding Your Social Customer Engagement Scenario

Social customer relationship management (CRM) is all about brands engaging the social customer — or interactions with transactions. But where is your company when it comes to social CRM?

To answer this question, Chess Media Group and Metz Consulting collaborated to put together four social customer engagement scenarios, based on our client experience and observations.

These scenarios can be viewed as progressive stages. The goal for businesses is to progress, hopefully arriving in our fourth scenario.

What do these stages look like?

Social Engagement

Most organizations today are in Scenario 2. They’re starting to engage with customers through social channels and educating themselves about social customer strategy.

Rather than talk about what each of these scenarios means (you can read the text in the image), let’s talk about what is required to move from one scenario to another.

Moving From Scenario 1 to 2

This requires the organization to start engaging with customers via social channels. This is often referred to as “dipping one’s toe in the water.”

What do organizations here need? Some sort of existing customer records, whether that be through a CRM system or some kind of purchase history.

Also, organizations here are starting to think more about what it means to become a social business and what’s required to get there. Typically, brainstorming meetings and cross-functional discussions start to take place here.

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