5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Revenue

One problem with websites that have grown very organically over time is that no one has ever independently assessed it to see if it could be performing even better.

More often than not, the website builder is just too close to the project to objectively assess its effectiveness.

If your website has never had a proper redesign or overhaul, if you’ve simply added pages when necessary and never considered the customer’s journey to purchase, then the chances are that you could make some improvements.

Here are five of the most important ways to check if your website could be working even harder.

Step 1: Check the Customer Journey

At what point to visitors tend to drop out of the purchase process on your website? Take a closer look at your visitor data and you’ll probably find it’s specific areas of your website that are shedding the most potential customers.

There could be a number of reasons behind this — maybe the customer journey is simply too long-winded or overly complicated. Maybe your call-to-action isn’t strong enough.

Until you work out where these customer drainage spots are, you can’t plug them with an effective redesign.

Step 2: Assess Your Paid Search Campaign

One major factor in your site’s ability to succeed is the quality of visitors actually reaching the pages. For the huge number of websites that rely on paid search to drive customers, the quality of the visitors is entirely dependent on the search engine marketing team.

It’s possible that the keywords you’re bidding on are not the most appropriate, causing the wrong kind of person to land on your pages and cost you a click.

Remember, the object of your paid search campaign isn’t to drive as much traffic to your pages as possible; it’s to drive potential customers.

Make sure your search terms aren’t too general and that you’re using long-tail, specialized keywords to drive highly relevant customers to your pages. It’s even less expensive, so it’s a win-win.

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