Adding PDF Files In WordPress

Whenever a client has a press release or other document in a PDF format, we always recommend putting it on their site as a post and include a link to the PDF file.

This has a number of advantages:

  • Provides an html version of your press release that other sites can link to
    • This is great for SEO :)
  • Provides an update to your site with a new page
    • This is great for SEO :)
  • Puts a PDF on your site which Google and other search engines index
    • This is great for SEO :)
  • Makes it really easy for people to access and download your official press release
    • This is great for business and awareness!

Have I mentioned that adding PDFs for your site are good for SEO?

If you use Word Press as your CMS (which is the world’s number 1 CMS for a reason!) You can follow these steps in order to add the PDF file to your post / page.

  1. Make a new page or post as usual
    1. You will choose page or post depending on how your installation of Word Press was configured originally for adding new content
  2. Copy and paste the content of the PDF into the new page or post
  3. Use the WYSIWYG interface to clean up any formatting issues that may have resulted from the copy and paste
  4. Move your cursor to where you’d like the PDF file to appear in your new page / post
  5. Click on the “Add Media” icon at the top:
    Adding pdf files in wordpress
  6. Follow the instructions and insert into post / page
  7. That’s it!
This is great for SEO :)

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