How to Optimize Your Website for Great User Experience Across All Browsers and Devices

In the closing moments of conference season this year, it occurred to me that search engines are desperately trying to appeal to the masses on several different levels, especially of late. Google and Bing have both made significant investments to improve user experience including:

  • Measuring speed at which results and landing pages are served to users.
  • Improving the quality of short and long search query results.
  • Injecting as much local content into search results pages as possible.
  • Factoring in social media influence and reach from various platforms.
  • Optimizing experience on each and every user screen.

Take note of each of these developments because optimizing for conversion starts with fulfilling each engine’s promise of great user experience — regardless of device.

How do you optimize conversion and improve user experience? Here’s a list of free, inexpensive, and premium tools to get you started in collecting qualitative feedback and objective data on factors affecting user experience on your website and landing pages.

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