How to Turn Alexa Traffic Rank into Unique Visitors

Last week I presented easy ways on How to Find and Get Useful Information from Alexa. I mentioned how useful if can be in providing information on Traffic Stats, Search Analytics, Audience and more. Today we will share information on another great thing you can do when knowing the Alexa Rank for a site: using a graph from you can turn the Alexa Rank into unique visitors. And trust me: the data is reasonably accurate even though it’s a “Silly Joke”, so disregard the domain name :).

All the information is based on lots of real data. A pattern graphic was developed based on the Alexa Rank and the average number of unique daily visitors:

Graph - Turn Alexa Rank into Uniques Visitors

It’s really easy to use the graph:

  • Check the Alexa Rank of the site/sites you are interested in.
  • Along the bottom axis (X axis) find the Alexa Rank value of that site.
  • Draw a vertical line up, where it crosses the ‘Line of best fit’ go horizontally across and get an estimate of the Web site’s daily visitors.

We can help the graph to become more accurate by adding real data to it. We recommend this graph for estimating the traffic volume for competitors on which you can’t find traffic data. Hope you will find it helpful.

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