PPC vs. SEO: Paid Search as Your Organic Competitor

You should be doing SEO. You probably should be doing PPC. They work well together.

Those are basic facts of online marketing. Anyone who has been to a search conference and attended a PPC vs. SEO session knows that.

I was on one such panel at the Online Marketing Summit last week, but I didn’t talk about why you would use PPC instead of SEO or even how PPC helps SEO.

Instead, I focused on one important development that’s redefining the search engine results pages (SERPs): the shift in the balance between paid and unpaid listings.

Putting it another way: Paid search as your organic competitor.

Paid Search as Your Organic Competitor

To illustrate this concept, let’s use the example of Norton Antivirus — makers of PC protection software. Consider three different queries:

  1. Brand Search Query: [norton antivirus]
  2. Head Search Query: [anti virus software]
  3. Long Tail Search Query: [adware removal program]

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