Secrets to Paid Search Success Revealed

While the world of paid search quickly began to formulate a strategy around bidding tactics, we saw early on that marketers could obtain better performance and greater profits from search by expanding their thinking two ways:

  • By using all of the 30-plus search marketing tactics, instead of just bidding.
  • By better aligning marketing with the process and strategy.

To illustrate the many pay-per-click (PPC) tactics that have proven successful in generating billions of dollars in revenue for our clients, we created a PPC tactics chart that serves as a guide for marketers looking to squeeze efficiency, blow-out volume, and create wildly profitable paid search campaigns.

We’ll explore these tactics in detail in this four-part series. Let’s begin with creative.

Why Ad Copy is Vital to Performance

Google, and all the search engines, want the best content to rise to the top. Best content is always that which is most relevant to users’ queries.

Targeted creative, varied by keyword, is the most powerful set of tactics that can be employed.

Fourteen, fully 40 percent, of the best PPC tactics we’ve uncovered are creative, designed to make the ad more attractive to a searcher and more relevant to the search query.

Be Relevant

The most obvious tactic in creative is to use keyword insertion. Keyword insertion pushes the actual query used by the consumer into the title of the ad.

When users scan their search results, they instantly queue onto the search ads that have their search term in the title. In Google, the inserted keywords will also display in bold, making ads even more noticeable to the searcher.

Be Promotional

If you’re selling a product, use price points and percentages off. Test both. Displaying them in the title improves CTR and quality score, ultimately lowering your CPC and improving overall efficiency.

When a shopper sees a price like $79 in the ad, they are trained to know that this is an e-commerce site and they can buy the product there. That improves the click mix to include more shoppers and helps drive more conversions.

Lastly, always add a sense of urgency as the offer comes to a close. “Ends Tomorrow” always boosts CTR.

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