The Importance of Localized Content – Local SEO Takes Center Stage

Localized content, or content that it is specific to users in specific geographies, has never been more important to search engine optimization (SEO) success than it is today. Search engines like Google and Bing have made localization a huge part of their ranking algorithms.

When you perform a search at Google or Bing, the results are significantly influenced by your physical location, even on queries where you don’t specify a location. So if you’re in New York and you search for [pizza], or [hot tubs] or [DMV], your results will be very different than if you do the same searches in San Diego.

Therefore, if you want your website to appear in search results for users in specific cities, it’s very important to create content and link connectivity that sends the right signals to the search engines, telling them your site is relevant for users in those geographies. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

Creating Content Relevant for Local Searches

The idea in a localization content strategy is to identify what content segments are unique to each geographical area and highlight those on a state level, city level, and even micro local level by building dedicated pages for these audiences.

Here are a few excellent strategies for creating these types of pages. Highlight:

  • Shipping rates.
  • Sales tax differences.
  • Warranty repair locations.
  • Dealer locations.
  • Different uses for different climates.
  • Any other information that is specific to audiences in different locations.

The key is to provide true value to these end users by surfacing very relevant information that is specific to them based on their city or state. By doing so you not only increase your propensity to show up in organic search queries in those places, but you also potentially improve your conversion rate by creating a more custom experience for those users which speaks specifically to their needs. The higher value the information presented on these geo-centric pages, the more viable this strategy is.

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