What does Google Instant mean for SEO?

Google Instant is the latest and greatest enhancement to Google’s search. How it works is rather simple. As you type your search into the Google box, there are results that instantly (hence Google Instant :) ) change based on your input.

As an example: IT Support NYC

As you type in “IT” you will see the listings change to show Apple iTunes as number 1, put a space and iTunes is replaced with The IT Crowd.

Then as you type:

  • IT (listings will show up related to IT as well as popular searches that contain the keyword IT)
    • IT Support (the listings will change to have the two keywords as well as popular searches that contain the keyword IT Support)
      • IT Support NYC (the listings will change again as well as popular searches that contain the keyword finger IT Support NYC)

How to SEO for Google Instant?

When you are building your overall keyword targeting strategy, it is important to know what the popular suggestions are so we can target the first or second suggested search that is relevant to our client rather than one that doesn’t appear in the suggestion list at all.

For example when you type “IT S” (notice the space and the first letter of a search for it support) into google instant, “it solutions” is the third suggestion. If the competition on that keyword made sense for our client, it might be better to target IT Solutions instead of IT Support.

As we continue typing “IT Support N” we see that IT Support NYC is the first suggestion compared to IT Support New York.

In the case of our client, BTP.net, targeting IT Support NYC appears to be the right call. They’re third on the results page as part of the map when making that search.

Biggest Impact of Google Instant For Sites

Now with results that update while a user types in their search – it is even more critical that you have an eye-catching and engaging Title for your page. With the moving parts of Google Instant, there is more clutter and distracting action. That means your listing in Google has to be more interesting and attention getting compared to the others in order to capitalize.

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