Why You Should Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies

Studies show that organic search receives as much as 70 percent of total clicks from search results. But having both a paid and an organic listing has proven to increase the amount of total traffic by as much as 66 percent and influence a consumer’s purchase consideration by as much as 8 percent.

This provides a significant lesson for both users and advertisers.

A recent Rosetta study found that only 17 percent of advertisers take advantage of the synergies between paid and organic search results.

The retail industry has the greatest percentage (25 percent) of advertisers that are effectively coordinating paid and organic search results, followed by financial services at 21 percent, travel at 16 percent, technology at 13 percent, and health care at 3 percent.

But it’s surprising that more advertisers, overall, aren’t doing a sufficient job of balancing their search strategies.

Advertisers can develop a search strategy that effectively coordinates paid and organic listings. The value of paid and organic listings to any advertiser is derived from testing, analytics, and a holistic strategy. This strategy can be applied in these categories:


Understanding the interdependencies and relationships between search listings is critical to properly valuing the listings and setting the strategy. Consider the possibility that your paid listing is driving a higher amount of first time visitors, and your organic listing is the last click prior to a sale. You may never know this unless you closely monitor your attribution patterns.

For example, one of our financial services clients sees 3 percent of their traffic hitting multiple sources of traffic, and .25 percent hitting three sources of traffic. These consumers give important information to the brand marketers about media consumption and habits that can be optimized and harvested.

The better your ability to see the common paths that consumers take to achieve the desired action, the better informed your keyword and optimization decisions will be.


The copy that is displayed in the search results page can be keyword-rich or sales- or brand-focused. The appropriate message should be tested and defined by achieving the largest increase in incremental traffic and sales.

Copy can be used to identify the consumers that are right for your company’s offering. Leveraging various messages in the paid and organic listings that speak to each of these audience segments will prove effective.

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