Will 2011 be the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization?

If you’re into conversion rate optimization (CRO) you may well be wondering, as this New Year dawns: When will CRO get the attention it deserves? Will 2011 be the year for CRO?

My answer, after much prognostication in this season of reflection and projection, is: Yes! Why? Because the numbers have become too compelling to ignore.

Even if you find social media initiatives more exciting to think about, they will waste money if you aren’t optimizing conversion of the traffic that they generate.

Consider the primary factors determining website ROI:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Average order value
  • Margin

The way of the CRO says that increasing conversion isn’t only the cheapest option for increasing website ROI, it’s also the most productive. Think about which of these two paths to doubling site revenue would be cheaper:

  • Double the traffic.
  • Double the conversion rate.

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