Facebook Adds Per Update Insights

In what I feel is an absolutely brilliant move, Facebook recently added Insights per Update.

Facebook Update Insights

Facebook Update Insights

As you can see, it not only provides the number of people who have seen your update, but also provides a percentage of feedback for each. Up until now, we could only guess at how many people were seeing the update and then guessing at the percentage of feedback from friends / fans.

As we build our social marketing campaigns, these two metrics are incredibly important for determining the value of the posts we’re making on behalf of our clients. Now that we know the percentage of people who see and then interact with our updates, we can work on improving them with some real numbers.

Gone are the days of seeing 10 comments and getting really excited because we have 10 feedback points. Now we’ll be able to get excited because 5% of people who saw the update interacted with it!

Another significant benefit is measuring the “viral” aspects of Facebook. Previously you could only count on the direct fans of your Facebook page seeing your status update because there was no way to see how many friends of friends were exposed to the update. With impressions, we’re now able to directly calculate the viral impact of our updates and brand exposure.

Needless to say, as a marketer I’m thrilled to be able to measure, and ultimately improve our social marketing efforts.

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