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Facebook marketing

Facebook isn’t just an online community. With a quarter of the worlds internet users using it, it has become a medium. A medium to share your life on. Photos, videos, status updates., everyone is using the Facebook in some way, so why not use it to advertise for your company?

The traditional way of advertising with the use of banners doesn’t work anymore. It’s time for new and inventive ways of advertising your company and its website and internet marketing is one of those methods. The reason why Facebook is so great for this is because Facebook also operates outside of its own website. A great example are the “Like” buttons on many, many websites.

In this article you will read a few tips and tricks to advertise your company or product the best way.

Size matters!

Facebook is huge. Not just huge, but seriously huge. 500 million users worldwide and serious competition for Google.

Facebook offers a stable and growing platform on which you can do absolutely anything. Nothing is impossible. There is a platform meant for advertising that actually makes a profit and above that the integration of the Open Graph offers possibilities on Facebook as well as outside of Facebook. This is done with “Like” buttons and comments. Facebook is a worldwide platform, ready for use.

Use Facebook pages

Commercially active on Facebook? Use the fan pages! The fan pages offer you large possibilities to create a fan base on Facebook and to use their applications. In many ways the fan pages are comparable with profile pages, only with the important difference that you have fans, not friends. What to do with the fan page:

– Regular status updates;
– Browse through the news feed that comes out of the activities of your fans. See anything interesting? Click the “Like” button or even add a comment!
– Respond to the comments on your wall;
– Got any events happening? Use the event application to inform all your fans;
– Looking for fans? Communicate the fan page clearly to other websites or social networks like Twitter. It’s also possible to advertise on your fan page, so you should definitely consider that as well.

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