Facebook Saved My Marriage

This may seem like a small thing – perhaps not even a blip on the radar but while I was busy working away, helping people with their social marketing campaigns, I was reminded why Facebook became such an integral part of our lives.

It’s the little things:

Facebook Saved My Marriage

By reminding a terribly forgetful husband about his upcoming anniversary, my life is made easier and simpler (not to mention safer).

I may be dramatizing the trouble I’d be in by forgetting my anniversary, but it doesn’t change the fact that seeing this little reminder not only gave me a warm fuzzy feeling because I found a woman who can stand being in my presence for longer than 14 minutes, but that Facebook was thoughtful enough to help remind me. And treat me like what I am, an individual.

This gave me more than just a reminder that my anniversary is coming up (and yes I ordered her gift as soon as I saw it 😉 ) It also reminded me that as we try to bend social marketing to our wayward business purposes, it’s possible to forget that social media is about individuals. Not sales targets, target markets, or KPIs, but individuals that we want to connect with one-on-one.

For social marketing professionals and business marketers alike, sometimes stepping back and remembering that we are ultimately talked to individuals is very important. Even with 500 million users and growing, Facebook does.

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