How To Build Likes To Your Facebook Page

Companies often face obstacles when trying to build Fans or Likes to their corporate Facebook pages. Facebook profits from advertising, so they have made the primary driver of page Likes via advertising.

What if you don’t have an advertising budget to really build Likes? Here are some steps you can take in order to get more.

  1. Your website should definitely provide an easy way for visitors to like your Facebook page. Facebook provides this code and you can include it on your page. Do this instead of the basic F icon. By allowing visitors to your site to Like your page in one click, you will get more likes. Look at the bottom of this page to see an example (and like our page while you’re at it! 😉
  2. Promote, cross-promote, and then promote some more. In all your emails, include a link to like your page on Facebook. Mention it in your customer newsletters. Put it on your business cards. If you have a physical location, put up signs and include in fliers. Over the long-term social marketing has proven to be a major player in retaining your customers so support it!
  3. Suggest your page to your friends and ask your friends to do the same. Facebook makes it remarkably easy to share the pages you like. Here are the steps you can take to share a page:
    1. Go to the page you like (in this example the Mood Disorders Society of Canada’s Facebook page):
    2. Click on “Suggest To Friends”:
    3. Build Facebook Fans or LikesChoose the friends you’d like to suggest the page to:How to build Facebook Likes
    4. Click “Send Invitations”
  4. If all else fails to build the number of likes, advertising on Facebook is really effective if done properly

Be careful not to inundate your friends with Page suggestions as you can run the risk of losing them as friends on Facebook. It is always better if the page you suggest is somewhat related to their own interests. Both for them and for the page your suggesting.

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