Is Google+ a threat to Facebook?

Looks like Google+ is about to take things to a more personal level. Unlike Facebook, Google+ plans to differentiate contacts between: real friends, acquaintances, work people and few other categories. This division is based on the idea that sometimes people simply don’t feel like sharing certain feelings with all their contacts, but maybe just with close friends or maybe to people from work.

Google+ wants to make you “feel like you’re connected to a group of people, like you’re part of something”. That “something” wants to be much more narrow and personal than the “Friends” list from Facebook.

What’s your opinion? Will Google+ be a threat to Facebook?

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One Response to “Is Google+ a threat to Facebook?”

  1. Bryn says:

    God I hope so! At least Google isn’t afraid to go out there and make mistakes in the name of trying something new. All FB does is get bulkier and bulkier (like your cat) without adding any real substance or value! If they add video chat, which I’m sure they will, Google+ will be a whole new way of approaching social media.

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