Aol logos fail the fax test

In December AOL released a number of logos as part of their rebranding. Here are of the logos:

aol logo designs

Not really to my taste but we can see they’re trying to be more creative and take advantage of wider colour palettes available online. Unfortunately, they fail the fax test.

The Logo Fax Test is really just taking your prospective logo and changing it into 1 channel colour. That will simulate how it will look when you fax it through a standard machine.

It is important to apply the logo fax test as it will show you how it appears via fax, but also shows you how transferable your logo is in different scenarios. Will your logo look good on a t shirt, mug, or ball cap. What about as a temporary tattoo? Any logo that passes the fax test will also look good in other forms of media.

Not the AOL Logos – they all fail the Logo Fax Test:

AOL Fails the logo fax test

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