Get Your SEO Firm Involved Before the Redesign

Redesigns are difficult, time intensive, frequently expensive, and often frustrating. Religious wars can be waged over anything and everything (the messaging, style, imaging, layout, and infrastructure, etc).

These wars can create the kind of hostility and hard feelings that can last for years within an organization.

Redesigns can become contentious because the dedicated actors within organizations frequently have very different beliefs about the makeup and future of a company. The worst thing that can happen is that subject opinion blossoms into a vision that won’t be compromised under any circumstance.

There are a couple important reasons you should never wait until after the redesign to get your search engine optimization firm involved:

  • A sound SEO strategy can help swing internal debates such as choosing the right platform, programming language, and layout.
  • Getting an SEO involved early in the process will remove the possibility of additional development work after the launch.

If you don’t have an SEO firm, select one that can effectively communicate and coexist with your development firm. Try asking bidding development firms to recommend a search company with whom they’ve already had successful engagements.

While some might consider this a conflict of interest, copacetic agency coexistence can reduce petty sniping and encourage cooperative collaboration. This will reduce the cost of the project, mitigate risk, and assist in meeting the launch date.

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