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The Customers' Journey

The customers' journey starts with a question. Through SEO, in an organic manner, we connect the customers with the information they need through a specific framework. This involves accessibility, relevance, and authority.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is a process of arranging the content of a website by topic, in order for the search engines to understand the users' intent within every search and redirect the user to the most relevant information. The optimization process of a website for SEO involves topics, related keywords, and a lot of other technical improvements.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO focuses on the actual content that exists within a webpage as well as its optimization for the search engines and for the user.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO, on the other hand, focuses on the links that are directing the users to a specific webpage. The quality of those links causes a website to rank higher on SERP.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO prioritizes the architecture of the website and the way in which it's made understandable for the search engines through some savvy technical tweaks.


All SEO efforts are to improve the users' experience and drive them to your website, with the ultimate purpose of converting.

How we will help you rank higher on SERP

Step 1

Website Audit

This is the first stage of the SEO-optimization process. Discover any technical issues that could affect your SEO performance. From fully managed websites to auditing, strategy, visibility analysis, and ongoing optimization, our SEO experts help you succeed in the organic landscape. Your free digital marketing audit is just one click away!

Step 2

Keywords Research for SEO

These are digital words that work, giving a better understanding of the organic marketing scenery. Customer behavior analysis will help you design a bullet-proof, on-page SEO strategy for high organic visibility. We deliver your well-crafted words to the right ears.

Step 3

SEO Strategy & Consulting

Every great initiative begins with a plan. Reach a local or international market with optimized search marketing services. Drive revenues and generate a tangible ROI with an SEO strategy perfectly-tailored for your needs, which will drive organic traffic to your website. This is leading by strategy and constant optimization: the proven tactics for the best results.

Step 4

SEO Implementation

We practice what we preach. Great SEO is about paying attention constantly. That’s why we transform your website using the best market insights from our SEO experts.

Step 5

Ongoing SEO

With our ongoing SEO efforts, we make digital life easier for you and for your customers by on-page and off-page monthly initiatives that drive the traffic you need, content writing, and optimization that engages the customers. We take your business one step forward, month after month.

Step 6

SEM Reporting

Monthly Search Engine Market (SEM) detailed reports that outline the results and impact of our SEO strategy; with one thought in mind: there’s always room for improvement. We believe in setting specific targets and committing ourselves to achieveing them for you, and we keep you in the loop through this entire process. Webs9 is not a black box. We provide our clients with full disclosure of all elements and activities necessary to maximize our SEO efforts.

The Final Result

The SEO scenery is constantly evolving. SEO is about high-quality, relevant information, well-structured, and optimized websites, along with understanding the target audience and the reason behind their actions.

Understanding the user is the key to success, and getting them to stay on the page and explore your website represents the challenge.

We believe in creative strategies and collaborative work to optimize your website and increase long-term engagement.

Our team of SEO experts delivers the right message to the right type of user, matching his intent and making the content easily reachable and inspiring.

SEO initiatives are critical to mapping the customers’ journey and finding out those valuable insights that are useful for the decision-making process of your business.

The exponential advancements in technology, such as AI and machine learning, are having an impact on all online marketing services. We believe that SEO experts have to become powerful persuaders who are able to understand humans and their behaviors in order to optimize their needs, and often, even predict them.

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