Testimonials As Sales Tools – To Fake Or Not To Fake?

Testimonials are a significant marketing tool.

It’s been our experience that asking for a testimonial can be a long and arduous process. Sometimes it seems easier to just ask a friend to repeat after you, or invent a statement that touches on all your key selling features.

The value of a real testimonial can’t be stressed enough in our opinion.

Sometimes getting one is really difficult. I’ve been asked to write testimonials for people I’ve worked with and it’s hard! Instead, we’ve found writing down a client’s comments after a positive discussion and then sending it to them asking for their approval to use their statements to be the most effective.

When someone else basically writes it for me after speaking with me, it’s easy to just reply “approved!” It is in my own words, and expresses what I wanted to say as part of a conversation rather then having fight writers block.

In terms of fake or testimonials written from friends, we always suggest avoiding them. Sometimes potential clients will want to speak to the person who provided such a rave review. If you have a good relationship with your clients, they’re often willing to network with others who are also interested in using your services.

What could be a better sales tool than that?

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