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Client & Problem

MEDO Medical Center

PPC Google Ads - Case Study




  • Generating phone calls and leads for main services in a region of the country and certain EU countries for DNA and paternity kits
  • Capturing new, high-quality leads interested in paternity and DNA testing
  • Increasing website traffic for specific landing pages
  • Expanding the reach of campaigns for new health services
  • Targeting an audience interested in local private medical services


  • Finding new audiences ready to convert, as some medical businesses cannot use remarketing audiences
  • Positioning ahead of the competition with customized ad copy for respective audiences
  • Using a small budget to obtain as many relevant leads as possible and to increase the website’s CTR.

Benefits of Implementing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns

Strategy: The PPC strategy helped the business in the long term, increasing overall website traffic (significant increase in organic traffic), reaching new audiences, ranking #1, #2, and #3 in SERP for several important keywords, and consolidating efforts to increase brand awareness.

Traffic Increase: Implementing the strategy brought more visitors to the website, achieving a 29.8% increase in landing page views and a 92% increase in organic traffic from search engine searches.

Tracking: We checked if Google Ads tracking was correctly implemented and created new tags, pixels, and tracking codes with Google Tag Manager, so we could accurately record leads from PPC efforts.

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